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MACLEC is initiated by Visionary young entrepreneur Directors Mr. Narayan & Balram Bhardwaj to identify the emerging problems of the society and to develop suitable as well as techno-economically feasible solutions for the same also to provide a platform to younger/technologically deprived generation where they can nurture their ideas, convert them in reality and can become innovative entrepreneurs.
With the vision of REDEFINING ENGINEERING-REINVENTING TECHNOLOGIES so far MACLEC has developed several patents, commercialize various technologies, provide technical consultancies to various government and private institutions and trained numerous students.

MACLEC TECHNICAL INNOVATION GROUP consisting of following companies and institutions -
I. MACLEC TECNICAL PROJECT LABORATORY PVT. LTD :- it is a parent company , incorporated in 24th Dec. 2014 and now working in partnership with AHEC IIT Roorkee, UJVN Limited, Govt of Uttarakhand for development and commercialization of "Surface Water Velocity Driven Hydrokinetic Turbine VARUN-III" also it is a sole R&D company which is responsible to develop new innovations and commercialize it. It also provide technical assistance, training and consultancy services.
II. MACLEC CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. :- It is sister concern of MTPL which is working to development and commercialization of MACLEC ADVANCE SWACCHA NHARAT TRASH (MAST) waste management system.
III. MACLEC GREEN VENTURES PVT. LTD. :- It is recently incorporated sister concern of MTPL for commercial production of Bamboo cultivation and fabrication of various products and training to Uttarakhand region.
IV. MACLEC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION :- It is a polytechnic college cum innovation centre, recently inaugurated by Honorable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Shree Trivendra Singh Ravat on 23rd December 2017.
V. MARVELLOUS TECHNICAL INNOVATIONS PVT. LTD.:- Constituted in 20th March 2018 solely for the purpose of development and commercialization of MACLEC UJJAWAL VIKALP (MUV-I) is the newest company under MACLEC TEHNICAL PROJECT GROUP. This company is already got incubated in SIIC IIT Kanpur Uttar Pradesh and development of MUV-I under this company is under process.

Our company have following resources and facilities -
a. 3000 Sq foot fully equipped R&D workshop in New Delhi,
b. 6000 Sq. foot area for office as well as display of products in Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi,
c. CNC LASER Cutting, CNC Banding, Metal Fabrication, Welding workshop at Mundaka, New Delhi with 2000 Sq Meter storage facility.
d. Specialized equipments for mechanical prototyping in Metal, Acrylic, Glass, etc.

MACLEC TECHNICAL INNOVATION GROUP is still in its growth phase as innovations developed by it is still in various stages of commercialization that is why MACLEC have waste knowledge of technology commercialization and marketing.

As per our company policy our group hires human resource as need arrives on contractual basis so that the liability over the company could be minimized that is why at any time our company have two permanent Directors with staff of 20 members and most of them are on contractual basis. The company Directors act as CEO, spokesperson and Chief Financial Officer for the company.

Our company is PVT. LTD. company formed by two directors who have 50-50% share in company with equal liabilities and work profile. apart from it, we appoint domain experts as Technical Advisors to the company board when needed on temporary basis for smooth conduction of business and expansion of our company.

The Business conducted by our company itself does the social responsibility activities as we are working to provide alternatives to the problems prevailing in society. apart from it, through our institute i.e. MACLEC INTRNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION we impart free technical training and Exam Oriented coaching to the students of deprived section. On 23rd December 2017 we have conducted All Religion Mass Wedding in our Institute Premises in collaboration with GURUKIRPA EDUCATION TRUST in which Honorable CM of Uttarakhand was the Chief Guest who blessed 50 couples during the event.



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