A First of its kind Indigenous Smart Waste collection Bin Capable to Self Segregate the Municipal Solid waste automatically through Artificial Intelligence based Patented Technology. It's not just a bin, it's much more than that

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It is Indigenous, state of the art, patented technology entitled MACLEC ADVANCE SWACCHA BHARAT TRASH, in short “MAST” to address solid waste associated problems by transforming conventional waste management technologies into next generation, advanced, solid waste segregation, transportation and treatment system which doesn’t consume much manpower and monitor the entire process through server based operations and control system.


- Scalable from 100 Liters to 10,000 Liters
- Remotely Operational Through IoT
- Solar Powered As Well As Grid Connected & Battery based Power Storage
- Compatible to replace Vehicle Mounted Secondary Collection System
- Real Time garbag Monitoring and Management


Smart bins market is emerging now and currently only very few startups are working in this field. As per Indian market study, Indian municipal corporations alone need at least 585,000 smart bins to promote reduce reuse recycle ecosystem at primary collection spot itself. Swaccha Bharat mission and Smart city program are the dimensions where this Innovative Technology can be utilized directly .
Apart from municipal corporation market the self segregation based smart bin have following major markets.
-Railways/Bus Stands/ Airports, etc.
-Heritage buildings and tourist places such as Sea Beaches , national parks , zoo , stadiums, and all other famous tourism destinations under ministry of tourism.
-Private builders shopping malls colonies apartments etc.
-International market in Australia, Europe, USA, etc.


Providing education to manage solid waste, incentivize users to use dustbin to dump waste in segregated manner and to handle solid waste scientifically till complete disposal to insure reduce/reuse/recycling of each ounce of garbage generated in the society are some of the major initiatives taken by MAST waste management system. MAST can act as missing link between primary waste collection and total scientific disposal by providing - Three separate waste collection bins for manually segregated disposal of municipal solid waste, at its generation spot. It also provide incentive in terms of height, weight and BMI of user when he/she dump the garbage properly. MAST record CCTV footage of surroundings for surveillance and to deter the offenders who dump garbage outside the bins. After collecting garbage in segregated manner, MAST compresses the garbage to enhance the capacity of bin up to 8 times and treat the garbage using non-xenobiotic chemical to restrict garbage degradation and population of insects, rodents, stray animals. Each Bin remain connected through wireless cloud based server and provide real time bin level, temperature, CCTV Footage, location of bin to monitor bin and empty it when it fills. MAST offers a 24*7 helpline cum public communication system through which any user can get any time assistance in terms of medical aid, police aid, address confirmation, complaint registration, SOS or otherwise.


This smart bin system is trying to address one of the most critical element of primary and secondary collection of municipal solid waste i.e. segregation of waste at collection spot itself Available smart bins are having many digital features such as solar powered waste compactor, bin level monitoring , call alert , GPS tracking WiFi etc. But no any smart dustbin is available in the world having self segregation system with efficiency of at least 35% as per Indian waste management scenario. The disclosed Technology is full of customize digital features but the self segregation of waste into wet and dry category make it first of its kind


MAST primary collection system can be installed in all platforms, entrance, waiting area, parking area and other waste generation prone areas of Railway Platforms to educate passengers to dump garbage inside MAST, in segregated manner. After Segregated collection, MAST Treated and compress the garbage as programmed. During all operational time, MAST remain wirelessly connected to Operator and update its temperature, garbage bin level, battery level and system health along with CCTV clips whenever its used. Operator have all time access to number of users along with their video recordings. Through Server, Operator can announce any information, provide PNR Number, Reservation & Cancellation related assistance, Train Timings & Platform, track location of each system, prevent theft attempt, take surveillance of every nook and corner of platform, assist anyone on request, provide medical and other emergency assistance and above all can send collection team to empty garbage bin when it is full.


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