SHK TURBINES is simplest, floating type, surface water velocity driven hydrokinetic turbine system to harness electricity from running water bodies like canals, rivers, hilly streams, etc.

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SHK TURBINES provide most cost effective alternative to generate electricity from running water without civil structure like dams/reservoirs. No environment impact, no harm to aquatic life, no disturbance or changes in natural course of river/canal. Our turbine fulfills off-grid, on-grid electric need to all lower income group members (farmers, villagers, tribes) living nearby flowing water body. All small-medium enterprises and organization's energy need can also be fulfilled through installing SHK TURBINES captive power plant as our single unit can generate 100 kW and by installing multiple units in running river/canal approximately 2 megawatt/km canal/river stretch can be generated.


To test capability to harness hydropower from surface flow of natural stream, a pilot test was conducted at Tail race channel of Kalagarh Dam, Ram Ganga River, Uttarakhand in May 2015. The test was successful and boos the mural of entire team to keep exploring the field of Hydrokinetics.


-Successfully demonstrated SHK TURBINES Turbine technology.
-Successfully collected significant dataset for scale-up
-Produced a third-party report by AHEC IIT Roorkee, providing insight into real-world operations of the technology


Develop a solution which can provide 24*7 low cost, sustainable, renewable energy was our dream and since last many years we were working to innovate something dedicated to marginal communities of India in general and whole world in particular. Till 2015, we have spent our hard eared money to develop our grass root idea but after getting 3 national awards and media attention, many angel investors, venture capitalists get attracted towards our innovation but due to their terms and conditions we have decided not to get involved with them. To install Turbines in Rivers, it is required to Justify that installation of our floating turbine does not damage forest environment and river ecology and to prove that we have conducted several pilot project in Core areas of National Parks Namely River Ganges, Rajaji National Park Core area, Chilla, Haridwar and River Rāmgangā, Jim Corbett National Park, Kalagarh, UttaraKhand.


-Surface Water Velocity Driven Run of the Water-body Power Plant,
-No Catchment Area or Reservoir Needed,
-24*7 Power Production without any Environmental Impact,
-Lowest LCOE among all Renewable Energy Technologies,
-Easily Installed in water bodies having ~ 0.8 m/s velocity, ~ 1.5 m. depth & ~3 m. Width,


SHK TURBINES is most simplest, floating type, surface water velocity driven hydrokinetic turbine system which harness hydrokinetic energy from running water with desired efficiency. Floating type installation automatically adjust turbine submergence level according to main stream water level. Specially designed turbine water inlet remove all turbulence in water and allow laminar flow to hit turbine blades. Low RPM and triangular shape allows aquatic life to escape un-harm through turbine. SHK TURBINES Solar- Hydrokinetic Hybrid system can provide maximum power output from installation site.


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