PROJECT PROFILE: MACLEC VAYU-I Ambient Air Purifier cum Clean Energy Generator

MACLEC VAYU-I (MV-I) is World's First Ambient Air Purification Technology in which Doesn't consume electricity, Infect it generate electricity and purify air using Road Traffic.

In simple way 'More Traffic = More Pure Air + More Green Electric Generation"

The MV-I is dedicated technology to address one of the Biggest Challenge in front of the world i.e. to Insure Fundamental right of Clean Air to breath to every human being living in the world. The Aim behind initiative is to Develop a Self Sustainable Long Lasting Road Construction System which Clear its surrounding air in bulk through Vehicular Traffic itself and generate Renewable Electricity for Infrastructure Up gradation and Revenue Generation.

Pilot Objectives:

A pilot was conducted at four lane bituminous road stretch of Dwarka Sector 17, New Delhi to test the proof of concept level model of MV-I. To test at proof of concept level, Two pavements of MV-I, an ambient air filter, a reservoir and a compressed air energy generation unit were fabricated using specialized material, capable to compress 70 Liters of ambient air in one compression by vehicle.

Pilot results at conclusion in May 2015:

  • Generate enough data for scale-up and further commercial development of pavement, filtration system and power generation system,
  • Standardize the size and material for MV-I Pavement
  • Successfully test the load bearing capacity of pavement

Our Story

Ambient Air Pollution and Transformation of Conventional Road Infrastructure are the two most inevitable problems which need to be addressed as soon as possible as both the problems are directly associated with Human life. According to the facts regarding Ambient Air Pollution and road accidents due to poor road infra,


According to the facts regarding Ambient Air Pollution and road accidents due to poor road infra,

A. Out of 20 most air polluted cities, 10 is in India in which Gwalior, Allahabad, Patna and Raipur are among the top 10 cities of the world polluted by PM-2.5 particles.

B.PM-2.5, PM-10 particles, remain suspended in air and through breathing they got absorbed by human lungs and that is why ~500,000 annual premature death occurs in India due to air pollution related diseases.

C. According to the latest air quality database, 97% of cities in low- and middle income countries with more than 100 000 inhabitants do not meet WHO air quality guidelines.

D. As urban air quality declines, the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, and chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma, increases for the people who live in them. 4.2 million deaths worldwide every year are attributed to ambient air pollution.

E. In Every 4 Minute, someone dies in India in road accident and that need restructuring of road safety features.

F. To upgrade EV Infra, Cheap and Sustainable Energy source is essential to ensure EV Charging Station in every kms.

G.Need of revolutionary road construction technology to reduce road construction & maintenance cost.

To address these issues. MACLEC innovated MV-I, a technology which will –

  • Collect polluted roadside air, filter it, compress it through pressure generated by traffic and as result provide Fresh Air, Electricity and Collected Particulate Matters.
  • Reduce numbers of pre-mature Deaths due to Air Pollution,
  • Introduce Concept of TOLL FREE Self Sustainable Road
  • Produce Renewable Energy Without Acquiring Additional Land & Development of Electronic Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Reduce vehicle Maintenance & Running Cost & Reduction in Road Maintenance
  • Modernize Road Signs, Up-gradation of Traffic Signals, Interactive Audio-Visual Traffic Signs, Installation of CCTVs, etc
  • Generate Millions of Carbon Credit every Year for carbon trading,

With Installation of MV-I, Problem of Air Pollution and Road Infra Up gradation, both can be addressed in one go. The Technology is ready for scale-up Pilot Installation.


Technology In Brief

What makes it unique?

  • Purify Ambient Air Without Electricity

How does it work?

MV-I have four basic components namely -

Air Compression Pavement:
It is ~50mm thick pavement which can be installed easily to replace surface course of any type of road. Once the surface course installed, it cover entire road surface and act as all weather proof shield which provide smooth riding quality with excellent friction coefficient.

Ambient Air Filter Columns:
These are air Purification Columns, installed at particular height above from the road surface in the form of road divider/traffic signal, etc.

Compressed Air Energy Generation System:
Installed underground connected with network of pipe collecting pure & compressed air to underground air reservoir which regulate pressure of clean air so that power can be generated through compressed air turbine before releasing clean air into environment.

MV-I Operation & monitoring System:
Embedded Technology based programmed control system for automated operation of MV-I system. The system also collect real-time data of traffic inflow, pavement performance efficiency, operation of air filter columns, blocking in any pipe network, performance of compressed air energy generation system, raise alarm in case of any malfunction, remind about maintenance/part replacement and analyze the collected data to insure proper functioning of MV-I

Use Cases

Hybrid Solution

MV-I have potential to deploy as hybrid mix of various renewable energy technologies, such as Solar PV, Wind Energy, Solar Thermal Energy, etc. each adding its own value and strength, in order to deliver the most effective overall solution by maximum utilization natural resources available at installation site. Our Technology offers excellent solution of purifying ambient air in bulk with utilizing traffic as energy provider.

Energy Independence

MV-I provide most cost effective alternative to clean ambient air and generate electricity from road traffic with using only existing civil structure available with road with no environment impact. It is ideal for developing as well as developed nations to control ever increasing ambient air pollution.

Environment Conservation

MV-I is ecologically sustainable, socially acceptable and economically viable solution for cleaning the ambient air and generating renewable energy. It purifying air at the pollution source itself which make it best solution to tackle alarming situation of air pollution in megacities.


All urban roads, parking entrances, road tunnels, toll plaza's and all other traffic dense roads having traffic more than 10,000 vehicles/day



  • Suitable for all traffic dense roads
  • MV-I Air compression pavements can be installed continuously in many kilometers covering entire road surface,
  • Can be easily assembled at site
  • monitoring can be done through MV-I Operation & Monitoring System,
  • Robust accessories and parts,
  • generated Power directly feed into grids or utilized at site,


  • can be deployed in any kind of road infrastructure
  • Pavement size, compressed air quantity and power generation customizable
  • MV-I pavement sustain upto 150 Tons of axial load
  • Filtered air can be supplied to nearby public places
  • Compressed air electricity generation system can be installed underground to save valuable land & resources
  • easy to repair and maintain


  • Minimum Pre-installation work required
  • Selection& training of a local O&M team
  • Civil, Electrical & mechanical commissioning covered
  • Provision of data and mooring connection plan
  • Close proximity to Air pollution source i.e. road traffic