Through dedicated workmanship, Besides all odds,

Maclec shows remarkable entrepreneurship


Established itself as the global company, capable of providing customised Hydrokinetic Turbines

Maclec’s Major Awards & Recognitions are -

(i) World Wildlife Fund identified its greenhouse gas emission reduction potential as well as certify the SHK Turbine as climate solver technology by giving SHK Turbine "Climate Solver Award 2018".

(ii) European Union Recognised the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential and certified SHK Turbine as Zero Green House gas emitting world's most sustainable Renewable Energy Technology by giving "Climate Launchpad Global Green Business Idea Award - 2019" in Amsterdam.

(iii) BRICS Nations Recognised SHK Turbine's capabilities to generate and supply clean renewable energy to fulfil Sustainable Development Goal 7 i.e. to generate and supply clean and affordable electricity and awarded MACLEC's SHK Turbine as "Solutions for Sustainable Development Goal Award 2021".

(iv) NASA (USA) Identified and recognised SHK Turbine as "X-Factor" Innovation of the earth in 2020. The European Union under Horizon 2020's "Net Zero Carbon Emission Initiative '' measured SHK Turbine's Green House Gas reduction potential and published a report in 2021.

(v) UNDP recognised SHK Turbines as the world's most innovative Grassroots Innovation for Rural Electrification in 2021.

(vi) Govt of India awarded with –

A. National Budding Innovators Award 2014

B. Platinum Award in India Innovation Initiative National Fair 2014

C. India's Top 20 Startup of the year award 2018,

D. Swacch Bharat Grand Program National Award 2018

E. Brands of India Award 2019,

F. Entrepreneur of the year 2021, etc.