Hailing from a remote village in Ratlam(MP); deprived of many modern-day facilities and facing major issues like power crisis, the playful curious minds of Bhardwaj-Brothers (Narayan & Balram) explored mechanics of a very simple, portable hydro power plant in 2004 which is now known globally as “SHK-Turbines”.

In 2014, MACLEC was founded by Bhardwaj-Brothers with a vision to commercialise their childhood idea into a product and transform all kinds of streams into environmentally sustainable hydro-power-plants to provide the most cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and socially acceptable alternative of base-load power supply.

The SHK Turbine was first piloted and tested under the supervision of IIT Roorkee and ONGC Energy Centre in 2014- 16 and began its journey for commercialization.

After prolong series of field trials (in irrigation canals, hilly streams, power canals, large rivers), lab tests, CFD analysis, hydrodynamic calculations, prototyping and scaleup R&D the SHK Turbine technology finally get commercialized.


The path breaking SHK Turbine technology is widening the base of renewable energy sector by offering a unique way of harnessing hydro power.

SHK Turbines are emerging globally as a novel, plug and play type, decentralized, distributed hydro power generation technology that has a scope of billions of kWhs green energy generation and providing significant contributions towards global decarbonization.

With 10 years of exceptional development our flagship product “SHK Turbines” have completed R&D/ product development phase and now under commercial deployment stage at various sites globally for renewable energy generation as well as low cost long duration bulk energy storage.