The Innovative Bhardwaj Brothers

Narayan Bhardwaj and BalRam Bhardwaj, aka "The Innovative Bhardwaj Brothers" are the founders who initiated the idea as a hobby which later on became their passion and since 2014, its their full time profession.

Narayan is the Mechanical guy and the main brain behind the Idea. He has 15+ years’ experience in Engineering Design Development, CFD, manufacturing, deployment of mechanical structures, etc. and leading the company as Innovative CMD.

Whereas, BalRam is an environment Engineer, with 10+ years’ experience including hydrodynamic calculations, technical documentation, management of intellectual property rights, business development and supervises empirical evidence based practice for all the research conducted under MACLEC in the capacity of Innovative MD.

As proven by the MoP’s report, MACLEC is the global pioneer and India’s only company who invented and commercialised SHK-Turbines indigenously and hence, leading the hydrokinetic business segment.

Due to the dedicated workmanship, besides all odds, MACLEC shows remarkable entrepreneurship and established itself as Indigenous international brand.